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Types of pile we do:

  • Cast-insitu Bored pile upto1600mm dia. withD.M.C method/truck mounted rig (we are capable of executing cast-in-situ bore pile from 450mm dia. to 1600mm dia. and 30m to 40m depth).
  • Bore compaction under ream pile.
  • Driven pile upto 600mm dia.
  • Granular pile (Granular pile installation by simple auger boring method for improvement of ground bearing capacity and reducing the settlement of different soft soil).
  • Sheet pile (Steel sheet pile is a long structural section with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continues wall to prevent collapse of soil).
  • Rail pile (It is done to prevent road approach/ rail approach from collapse).
  • Pre-cast pile (This is done where sub soil is very poor).

Types of pile test we do:

  • Vertical pile load test.
  • Up-lift pile load test.
  • Lateral pile load test.
  • Dynamic pile load test.
  • Integrity pile test.